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Why should I let someone else update my WordPress site’s content?

Updating content in a word processing software such as Microsoft Word can be difficult enough for many users. We’ve seen many struggle with aligning images properly. Managing content on the web can be many times more complicated, dealing with CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Making a page look perfect is beyond the capacity of most end users. Others don’t have the time required to make updates, or would rather let someone else handle it.

Why Outsource Content Updating/Management

For most businesses, time is money. If an technologically unsophisticated user is attempting to update and maintain your WordPress powered website, you are most likely spending more money than you should for the service you are receiving because each update requires significantly more time for someone unfamiliar with HTML and CSS. The other option is to hire a designer to update the content, but that would be quite costly.

Updating Content is hard enough, what about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Let us optimize your content while making changes

Let us optimize your content while making changes

Tags, Keywords, and the Semantic Web

Do you have enough time to read up and learn about SEO? Our content editors are trained to recognize keywords and place the correct HTML tags around them to emphasize their importance to search engines. They also can read a text and correctly summarize it for the HTML META Keyword (Used by Bing and Yahoo) and Description Tags.

Besides that, our editors are also knowledgeable about microformats and the semantic web. We have trained them to recognize Business locations, phone numbers, recipes, and any other semantic information to add the correct tags. That way, search engines can better understand your web page and index it correctly.

All of these things matter, and will bring more visitors to your page via organic searches. More organic traffic drives business and sales (or advertising revenue).

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