This is the option to choose if you don’t update content often, or don’t know how often you will make changes to your website. You simply prepay and whenever you have changes send them over and our skilled professionals will make them for you. Once the credit is used up, just top up with more credit and send over more changes.

Most businesses use this as an Intro to our service before deciding to have the priority that our Subscription users receive. Requests are served in a FIFO (First in First Out), however, if there are two requests that arrive at a similar time, those received from our subscription users receive priority.

The Rate:

$15 USD per hour.

Amount Hours Rate
$30 2 $15.00
$60 4 $15.00
$90 6 $15.00
$120 8.5 $14.11
$150 12 $12.50
$200 18 $11.11

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